“Can’t reiterate enough how lucky we all felt to have our soldiers with us for all 10 days”

– Josh S

“This trip has really made a giant impact in my life and I will never forget it!”

– Natalie R

“The experience is so intense that if you even stop to think you’ll miss something extraordinary”

– Jamie F

“It was an amazing 10 days, full of self-reflection and memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

– Beth S

“I made new friends, celebrated Shabbat at the Western Wall, lost a game of chess to an Israeli intelligence officer, and survived three scorching summer days in the desert.”

– Aaron T

“I have nothing but good things to say about my staff members and tour guide as well.”

– Blake H

“It really opened my eyes in so many different ways”

– David P


What is Birthright Israel?

Birthright Israel is a FREE 10 day trip to Israel open to all Jewish young adults, ages 19 to 26 who have not participated on a peer educational trip since they turned 18 nor lived in Israel past the age of 12.

Why let US  take you?

By joining an Israel Experience trip, you will experience the real Israel. We spend 10 days with local Israelis (instead of the usual five days) and we hand craft every trip so youcan have a truly extraordinary experience. We also have various trips which may specifically fit you if you’re a foodie, love adventure, or simply want to experience Israel alongside like-minded people.

Are you sure it’s FREE?

Yes! Thanks to a group of incredible philanthropists, the Israeli government, and Jewish communities around the world, Birthright Israel provides this gift to the young Jewish world. In terms of cost, if domestic airfare is required, that is your responsibility, and you will want to bring money for one light meal a day.

What if I’m turning 27?

You’re still eligible for the season closest to your birthday (summer or winter) if you haven’t turned 27 by the time the first trip of that season will run! The cut-off is December 1st for Winter trips and May 1st for summer trips.

Am I eligible for this trip?

If you are Jewish, between the ages of 19-26, didn’t live in Israel past the age of 12 and haven’t participated on a peer experience in Israel after the age of 18, you should be eligible. To read more about Birthright Israel’s eligibility policy, click HERE. If you have any questions on your eligibility, just ask us at

Can my friends and family come too?

Yes, if they qualify for the trip, we’ll be happy to put you together (A big benefit of choosing us!)

Will this trip be “religious”?

Israel Experience does not have a religious affiliation, and our only agenda is to educate you about Israel. Our participants are from all walks of Jewish life, including those who have no Jewish background at all.

Can I visit my friends and family while in Israel?

During the 10-day trip, sometimes there will be small blocks of time available when they can come visit you. Note you will not be able to leave the group to visit them, as you must stay with your group for all 10 days. If you have friends and family, you’re encouraged to extend your trip to enjoy your leisure time with loved ones!

So how does registration work?

Registration for summer trips opens in February and for winter trips registration opens in September. Registration only stays open for a short period of time, so add your name to our mailing list and we will make sure you get a reminder.

What does registration involve?

To register, you will be asked to fill in a primary and secondary application, and will receive a follow up phone call as an interview. In addition, Birthright Israel asks for a $250 fully refundable deposit. The deposit is to confirm your serious consideration to join the trip, and is to secure any penalties to the airline for last-minute cancellations. Upon successful completion of the trip, the deposit is returned within a week of your return.

Can I extend my stay in Israel after the trip?

Yes! We encourage it! 

There are two ways to extend your trip. The first is by doing a 4- or 5- day Birthright Israel Plus extension opportunity, focused on your particular passions (no prior knowledge or experience necessary) They allow you to have get an in-depth understanding of Israeli society and culture, while meeting participants from around the world.    For more info click here.

This winter we have three program dates December 31st, January 7th and January 28th.

If you register for BRI+, the program fee covers the cost of flight extension, accommodations and most meals for those 4-5 program days. So you won’t need to pay for your extension flight! Additionally, for this season, we will allow participants to use their Birthright deposit towards the payment of the program fee

If you want to extend on your own, you must visit our travel agency’s website (Gil Travel) and check Birthright icon to obtain full details and apply for the extension.

Do I need a passport?

If you don’t have one now, you can still apply for the trip; however we strongly recommend starting the passport process now! It’s crucial to make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return from Israel. You will be required to give us a copy of your passport and all information during registration.

Is traveling to Israel safe?

Yes! Our number one priority is to ensure a safe trip for all of our participants! To read our safety and security guarantee, click here.


Birthright Israel is an innovative partnership between the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, private philanthropists and thousands of donors and Jewish communities around the world (North American Jewish Federations through the Jewish Federations of North America; the Jewish Agency for Israel; and Keren Hayesod).


Birthright Israel is an innovative partnership between the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, private philanthropists and thousands of donors and Jewish communities around the world (North American Jewish Federations through the Jewish Federations of North America; the Jewish Agency for Israel; and Keren Hayesod).


Our programs combine the fun of touring with hands-on learning experiences. Programs include visits to historical and religious sites, exposure to the diverse aspects of Israeli society, nature hikes and studies, adventure activities, encounters (mifgashim) with Israeli peers and more.

Educational and adventure components are interwoven and integrated in order to involve all the senses, to encourage an emotional as well as an intellectual response, and to stimulate participants to think, feel, question, argue and hopefully to act. Open discussions are encouraged. Through on-site seminars provided by knowledgeable and experienced tour guides, through simulation games, drama, creative arts, seminars and encounters, conducted by experts in various fields, our participants confront the issues facing contemporary Jewish youth. Themes and issues: Jewish identify and Jewish sovereignty in Israel, the historical continuity of the Jewish people, the multifaceted aspects of Israeli society, Israel-Arab relations, Judaism symbols and values, the Holocaust, Shabbat, Hebrew, Jerusalem, mutual responsibility, the relationship between Diaspora and Israeli youth, Israeli culture.

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